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CITIES OF LIGHT-As soon as all Earth changes have taken place and humans have been transformed into multi-dimensional beings; humankind will start creating Cities of Light and love.

The etheric blueprint of the cities of light will be in the higher ethers over certain selected cities on Earth. The blueprint is like a huge wheel, with a hub as a center, and spokes of light leading out from the hub. Great broad avenues of light leading out from the hub, with structures, such as healing temples, schools of spiritual enlightenment and buildings of commerce. Between these spokes of the wheel, will be adjoining streets, that will be for housing, parks and community recreational activities.

As the physical area of the city becomes filled with light, the physical and etheric cities will move closer to each other and finally overlap one another. The gates then will be opened to walk on to the streets in the City of Light and one can enter into the schools of learning, healing temples,relax in the park, and enjoy the many types of recreational activities and foods being offered.

MEDICAL INSTITUTIONS-Present day medical institutions will be completly restructered. In the City of Light, one will find the following new forms of healing modalities.

TEMPLES OF HEALING-Doctors will work with healers to administer the proper combination of sound vibration and color that will be needed to cure a persons physical problem and bring his physical body into balance.

ENERGY-New arms/legs, tissues and organs will be regenerated by the stimulations of energy in the cell memory (RNA) molecules.

LIGHT-Stimulated sound/light discharges will cure the following; cancer, arthritis and blindness.

ELECTRICITY-Electrical stimulation can heal bone fractures and promote bone growth. A particular shade of violet can also cause bone growth.

COLOR-Reading the colors of the human aura can determine the status of a persons health and spiritual development. Healing of wounds after surgery, and psychotherapy can have beneficial results from color therapy. Almost every disease can be cured by certain colors.

MUSIC-Music as (sound/tone) when it is played by a musician or by a symphony orchestra can have a beneficial healing effect upon humans. Every musican and every musical composition has its own fundamantal color tone.

Tone has its correspoding colors. Color and sound are aspects of vibration. God speaks in terms of tone and color and man is a god in the making. The alchemical union of two great arts, color and tone can heal.

HERBS-Allopathic medicines will be replaced by herb and flower therapies.

EDUCATION-Our young children will be taught spiritual truths and will be encourged to discover and develop their creative gifts that they were born with.

No longer will the focus be placed on educating children to enter a corporate structure for the production of unimportant material goods. The new multi-dimensional being will have very simple needs,that the new society will provide for. The needs are as follows; food, shelter, clothing and recreational items. Humans in turn will contribute their services to the new society.

SCIENCE-New science information will be given to man in the coming civilization of light by the Great White Brotherhood. Our scientists are using a wrong science in trying to communicate with other life forms in distant galaxies. Our scientists will have to retool their electromagnetic data with new energy codes; then signals from other light species will be received.

We will also be given a new technology for a free energy source. This energy source will be photon energy. Earth will be in the Photon Band by year 2000, and we will have an abundance of photon energy. We will power our factories and homes with this new energy source.

Another gift from the White Brotherhood will be the technology for building inter-stellar vehicles for travel; to other Solar Systems.

CONCEPTION-Birthing of children in the Age of Light will be different from our prior practices to conceive a child. There will be no unmarried parents, because you will need two functional adults who have orgasmic sex together. This will be the norm for conception; and conception will be impossible without the melded and fused auric fields. All children will have a mother and father, as well as the support of the whole community.

In vitro fertitization, surrogate pregnacies, cryogenic freezing of sperm and eggs are abominal practices and are not going to work in the Age of Light.

GOVERNMENT OF GOD-MAN Around year 2006 the capital of the New-Jeruselem in USA will be in Omaha, Nebraska. It is there that the government of God-Man will be set up. The new government will rule through a Council of Light made up of spiritual leaders of all nations in conjuction with the Galactic Council of Light.

Omaha, Nebraska will become the financial, spiritual and economic capital of the world and the capital of USA. The economy of the USA will switch from a paper federal reserve note to an commodity based economy, because food will be the most important commodity planet wide.

The New Jeruselem will be made up of the following states in the USA, Oklahoma, Kansas, Illinois, Nebraska, Missouri and Iowa.

BROTHERHOOD OF LIGHT With the coming of the Brotherhood of Light, there will be a whole new light environment upon planet Earth. All plants, animals and humans will gather light unto itself and will become invigorated. Plants and trees will grow at a much faster rate. Love from humans will be another factor for their growth.

One Master from the Brotherhood of Light will be found in the five great populations centers of the USA.

At the end of this present evolutionary cycle, Jesus, Moses and Elijah will return to Earth. Uriel who is the Creator of Inner Light, and Metatron who is Creator of Outer Light and Michael who is Creator of this local Galactic universe will also return.

CLOSING COMMENT By year 2012AD, humans will have their new multi-dimensional bodies and will live in an environment free of pollution, clean air, pure water and be surrounded by an abundance of love and joy. We will have no more evil or negativity being produced upon Planet Earth and Earth will become a Sacred Planet.

Education Update-Two major ideas should be taught to the children of every country. They are: 1) The value of the individual. 2) The fact that they are one humanity.

The following are the three efforts that educators must take to produce a civilized, cultured and spiritually awakened human being.

1) The Child must be trained to rightly direct his instincts.

2) The child has to be trained to use his intellect rightly.

3) The third duty of educators will be to evoke and to develop the intuition. Intuition is summed up in these three qualities; illumination, understanding and love.

When these three efforts are employed and developed by the educators, you will have a cultural and spiritually awakened human being. His soul, his mind and his brain will be functioning as they should, and right relation to each other.

One of our immediate educational objectives must be the elimination of the competetive spirit and substitution of the co-operative consciousness. We will no longer teach children that the ultimate goal in life is to make and amass large amounts of money.

Atmosphere of love, patience, ordered activity and understanding is important in the education of the young children of the world, so they can develop properly and enable them to live with other humans in harmony and goodwill. A better educational system as the one above will also break down all existing barriers between nations and will remove all prejudices.

Very special higher energy children (evolved beings of light) are being born on Earth now. They are very special, in that they herald the seventh root race, the Indigo Race. They are the next wave of teachers for the planet. They are forerunners of even higher dimensional beings to come. They are the children of the new millennium. These children come with the power to complete the shifting of the planet Earth. They bring a special gift of love to all of humanity, and they will lead the world into the beautiful new world that awaits all of humanity. These children come as babes, but they are really masters.

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