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Saving Whales:
Coming Earth Changes:
Secret Government:

Whales and Dolphins are fully conscious marine mammals (cetaceans). They are planetary guardians who hold the energies of the planets's biosphere intact. The whale's job is to put together the energy pattern of song that allows the atmosphere and crust of Earth to exist every year. The dolphins job is to interact with native food chains of the ocean.

The Dolphins as well as the Whales represent a sentient species of Siruis energy on Earth. Whales and Dolphins evolved over a period of 2 million years from a creature of land to a creature of the sea.

Whales now have the responsibility to preserve life in the ocean and on the land. Humans will take over this task of being guardians of the Earth, when they evolve to full consciousness, which will occur sometime in the near future (2005-2010).

Full consciousness means learning to have repect for all humans and all other species. Guardianship understands that all things (such as trees, rocks, plants and water have intrinsic value).

Recently Whales and Dolphins have been caught in a World Wide Radar attack. This attack is perpetrated by the U.S. Navy on a defenseless sea mammal, who cannot defend itself aganist electronic and sonic beams. The U.S. Navy is Testing radar equipment in the oceans around the world and are using a new U.S. Navy Sonar System, which uses loud low frequency sound to detect submarines (LFA). They are using the Whales in lieu of submarines to test the radar system.The radiation used in these are electromagnetic, with added electrical energy and this causes the Whales to become drained of energy. If radiations are sonic based (sound) the Whales internal mechanism's goes awry and they get lost and beach themselves. Many beachings have now occured around the world and this is the cause.

Aside from feeling weak from this magnetic radiation, the Whales and Dolphins feel unloved and unwelcomed in the oceans of the world. Hunting of the whales has again been resumed by several countries of the world. If the hunting and the sonic radiation attacks continue, the Whales will leave Planet Earth within 5 years. They will decide Earth's oceans are not safe for them anymore; and will slowly go home to the Star System Sirius.

Dolphins are also departing Planet Earth in great numbers. They are deliberately beaching themselves and also allowing themselves to be caught in fishing nets around the world. They are leaving the planet, so we the people of Earth can become the guardians of the planet.

They know that a new Earth is forming on a fifth dimensional frequency and they are simply moving thru dimensions onto the new Earth. Dolphins have different physical shapes, they can exist in water, but also on land and in the air; they are multi-dimensional. A gregarious narure is one of their many beautiful characteristies. Dolphins can also create sound vibrations to help Earth's biosphere to stay intact.

Beause of their highly evolved consiouness they are trying to convey to humans; that if their quality of life in the ocean is in question, so is yours on the land.

If you want to help the Whales, try visualizing an image of a Whale and radiate a gold light to it. The gold light will help to protect the Whale. You can do this alone or in agroup. If you are not good at visualizing, then hold a picture of a Whale in front of you and radiate the gold light to it.

If the whales leave Earth, the first thing to suffer is the weather. When Mother Earth requires a little more mental energy, she calls on the Whales for help. If the Whales are weak and sick they cannot help Gaia (MotherEarth) to regulate her weather system; so we can expect worse weather patterns in the future.

Write to your congressmen. and tell them to ease up on the Navy's low frquency active sonar (LFA) testing on the Whales, because of its adverse effects on them

The Whales and Dolphins deserve better treatment and should be respected as a Earth species. Whales are unable to defend themselves against these sonic based radiations, and we should see to it, that these sea mammals (Whales and Dolphins) have the right to live in their natural environment in peace and safety.

According to the Bible in Genesis Chapter I, verse 26-28 God gave man dominion over all the animals. He didn't mean for us to senselessly kill, injure, confuse or radiate them.

On March l998 the U.S. Navy tested Low Frequency Active Sonar (LFA) on Humpback Whales in Hawaii. The results showed that the Whales were affected negatively. this kind of irresponsible testing can put the entire Whale and Dolphin population in danger. See links for full report on Hawaii's testing of the Whale.

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