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World of Light and Peace

God is getting ready to create a new World of Light and Peace by May of Year 2002. The Holy Bible states in Revelation 21, that God created a new Heaven and a new Earth, and the first Heaven and the first Earth were passed away.

In Revelation 6, verse 14, we see God getting ready to create this new Heaven and new Earth. He states in this verse that the heavens departed as a scroll that is being rolled up and every mountain and every island were removed from their place. The meaning of this statement means that our Solar System will leave its magnetic dip and be displaced from its alignment with the North star. The Solar System will be given a new circumpolarity with a new North Star; this occurs as it is entering a electromagnetic vacuum (null zone).

A new scroll is given to Earth, so that it can go into a new Heaven where a new mantle is given to Earth and a new species with a 5th dimensional body of light. This fulfills the promise of God for a new Heaven and a new Earth.

This new world is also known as the Kingdom of Heaven. There will be no negativity or evil allowed in this new world and there will be no more karma. This new world will have the frequency of love.

We will also have a new light environment upon Earth at this time. Earth will be fully immersed in the Photon Belt by end of year 2000. This Photon Belt is a band of light that will last for 2000 years.

The frequency of the Photon Belt and the 5th dimension are very high frequencies. To withstand these high frequencies you must have the soul frequency of love within your body.

If you have any negativity built up in your body, like repressed emotions, you will have to release them. Forgiveness is a good way of releasing repressed emotions like prejudice,hate,violence,victimhood, arrogance,addiction and shame. Forgiving yourself and all whom you have wronged or who have wronged you, will help release these repressed emotions.

The following are other problems you must work on: 1)Overstressed nervous system 2)Lower vibrational thought patterns 3)Ego identities (negative ego) Note:Negative Ego-refuses to surrender to Spirit, wants to be in control and keeps you feeling separate.

Humans will have to spiritually evolve, and do some inner house cleaning. All illusions and lies have to be released, because no evil or negativity will be allowed in the 5th World.

If you are not on a spiritual path, you might want to try getting on one. There is some time left to raise your body frequency to one of love. Join a church or a bible class and try to grow spiritually. You must have this frequency of love to enter this new World of Light.

Obtaining more and more material goods will not get you into this beautiful new World of Light.

All souls who do not have this frequency of love, will be taken off of Planet Earth and will be taken to another 3rd dimensional planet in another Solar System.

Jesus said in Mathew 19:19, that thous shalt love thy neighbor as thyself,so if your neighbor needs assistance, be there for them.

This World of Light is so beautiful, that all efforts you make to obtain this frequency of love in order to enter this new world will be worth your time and effort.

If you want to know more about life on this World of Light see my website called Cities of Light-Communities.

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