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Mother Earth(Gaia) is going thru an initiation at this present time in order for her to evolve into a 5th dimension Planet Of Light by the year 2002. All species upon Earth are mutating and will transform into bodies of light.

Every 25,860 years our Sun, Moon and Planets pass 2 times thru the Photon Belt(Belt of Light); once to the North and once to the South. In other words, we have 10,930- years of Galactic Darkness, then 2000 years of light. This procedure repeats itself again after 2000 years of light. 10,930-Darkness 2000-Light 10,930-Darkness 2000-Light equals One Complete Revolution-25,860 This will the be last time Planet Earth has to go into 21,860 years of Galactic Darkness.

We have been given dispensation by God to remain in the light and become a Sacred Planet. We will shine in the sky as a bright Star and be a beacon to all other worldly light beings to come visit and commune with us.

Our Sun, Moon and Planets in our Solar System are now poised to enter the Photon Belt. By 1998 our Suns corona will enter the Photon Belt. We can expect many solar flares which might disrupt some of our electronic devices,such as TV, computers,etc.

By end of year 1999, our Sun will be in the Photon Belt completely We can expect strong radiation and ultra-violet rays to enter our Earth atmosphere during this time. These radiation rays will not effect you in a negative manner if your frequency code is one of love. The righteous and the meek shall survive and inherit the Earth, as stated in the Holy Bible. By June 1999, Earth will be in the 4th dimension. By year 2001 Earth will be in the Photon Belt. By May of 2002 Earth will enter into the 5th dimension(New Earth),and it's here that we put on our bodies of light.

The tectonic plates of the Earth on both coasts of the USA are collapsing and we can expect earthquakes, flooding, volcanic eruptions, increased weather changes, and a pole shift of about 20 degrees. The pole shift will move Earth in a westerly direction in order for Earth to reverse its magnetic field to a new magnetic meridian. We will have 6 or 7 degree movements over 3 time periods. This will cause climatic weather changes in the USA and around the world.

If you have a gut feeling that you must leave your particular City or State, then go ahead and do so. Parents with small children should make it their highest priority to get their children to safety. Finding a safe area is easy. There are 2 maps available to help you locate safe areas. One map is Lori Toye "I Amamerica Map" See Link!. The second map is by Gordon Michael Scallion. See Link! Some Safe Areas in the USA are: North & South Dakota, Kansas, Nebraska, Eastern Colorado, Extreme Eastern Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, except extreme coastal areas, and Montana.

When you are firmly established at your new location, you need to do several things for your survival. It is possible the electric grid system could go down for several weeks or months. The following are good things to do to ensure your survival. 1) 3 months of stored food(dry or canned) 2)3 months of bottled water 3) candles, matches, oil lamps, lamp oil 4) Firewood 5) Store vitamins and herbs 6) Store baby food and baby items 7) Store paper products, toilet paper etc. 8) Store Soap, toothpaste etc. 9) Have a good first aid kit


5/2002-The Materialistic system of the world will collapse.

UPDATE-Sixth Seal

In November of 1998, the Sixth Seal of Revelations was opened by the Lamb of God (Jesus Christ). The opening of the Sixth seal begins the 7 year tribulation period (1999-2005).

The Sixth Seal states that a great earthquake occured, and the Sun became black as sack cloth of hair, and the entire moon became as blood, and the stars of heaven fell to earth.The heavens departed as a scroll that is being rolled up and every mountain and every island were removed from their place.

My interpretation of the Sixth seal is as follows: our Solar System will leave its magnetic dip and be displaced from its alignment with the North star. The Solar System will be given a new circumpolarity with a new North star, this occurs as it is entering an electromagnetic vacuum (null zone).

A new scroll is given to Earth, so that it can go into a new heaven where a new mantle is given to Earth (5th dimenension) and a new species with a body of light. This fulfills the promise of God for a new heaven and a new Earth.

During this time period (1999-2005) we will experience earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floodings, and a magnetic shifting of Planet earth. When Earth enters the null zone, there will be 4 days of darkness in the USA. Store necessary supplies to see you thru these 4 days of darkness (food, water, oil lamp, candles, etc.)

When the heavens are fully opened and all signs have been fulfilled regarding the breaking of the Sixth seal, Jesus, the Christ will come on the clouds of heaven with power and glory.

According to the Holy Bible (Daniel 12-verse1-13, the 7 year tribulation period will be shortened to three and a half years for the sake of the righteous.

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